About Us

The mission of 407 Associates is to design, build, develop, finance and manage real estate projects throughout the Continental United States.

We enable our mission while building a wholly-owned and managed family of companies that create a synergy to enable us to develop the most efficient and cost effective “one point” of contact design/build/manage system. We will incubate, mentor and enable the next generation of real estate builders, developers and contractors by having created an interactive environment to share the turn-key process across all of our companies. This sharing of “the process” enables  an idea to not  be buried in a specific discipline but to be discussed and nurtured across the whole realm of real estate professionals, thus creating the best possible project at the best possible price.


Each principal of 407 Associates has over 30 years of experience in his or her particular field or fields of expertise that ties into the development, construction, operation, financing, ownership and operation/management of commercial and residential real estate projects. Our team consists of engineers, designers, architects, developers, builders, real estate attorneys and property managers. The 407 Associates’ team’s experience is deeply routed in the design and construction of major commercial/residential properties, with extensive completed projects in the senior care, faith community, hospitality, food service, retail shopping center and industrial sectors.